S.T.A.F. La Doré Inc. is a dynamic business, offering various services including site preparation (scarification), general transportation, tree transportation and ice road trucking.


After acquiring solid forestry experience since 1993, in 1999 the business undertook the challenging goal of setting itself apart from the competition by offering an innovative product, high-quality services and a strong expertise responding to clients’ needs and market requirements. We strive to sustain this high level of service that is above and beyond the industry standard.

The main objectives that have guided our actions and oriented our decisions from the beginning are the following:

  1. Offer a complete and professional product that meets our clients’ specific needs.
  2. Stay up to date on new processes and new technologies in site preparation.
  3. Optimize work methods and practices to reconcile the interests of tree planters and forestry companies.
  4. Minimize the negative impacts that our company might have on the environment.
  5. Make safety a priority in all our work.