When hiring, each worker must commit in writing to respect the company’s internal rules.

1.    Prevention program

1.1    Take the necessary measures to protect your health, safety and physical integrity and not endanger the health and safety of colleagues.

1.2    Work towards the prevention of workplace accidents.

1.3    Report any work-related danger or unusual risks to your immediate supervisor.

1.4    If working alone, report to contact person in accordance with procedure in effect.

1.5   Wear personal protective equipment required for specific tasks as specified in safety procedures, making sure it is in good condition.

1.6    Have first aid kit and EpiPen on hand.

1.7    Have the tools necessary for wilderness survival on hand.

1.8    Participate in regular, systematic inspection of the business.

1.9    Familiarize yourself with the prevention program, applicable safety instructions and the evacuation and transportation protocol for forest injuries.

1.10  Comply with the prevention program, the safety procedures and all company regulations and instructions.

1.11  Conform to recognized safe work methods.

1.12   Comply with SOPFEU minimum standards.

1.13  Perform job functions in designated locations and according to the working hours indicated by the company.

1.14  Fooling around, roughhousing and the like are forbidden on the worksite.

1.15  Recognize that employment is conditional to final acceptance by employer (3 months’ probation period).

1.16  Comply with all regulations and laws (provincial and federal) apply to the job or to being present in the forest.


2.    Machinery, equipment and tools

2.1    Keep the machines, equipment and tools clean and in good condition at all times.

2.2    For repair, maintenance and unblocking work, find a flat and stable location, stop the engine, lock or padlock as appropriate and use mechanical blocking. Stabilize all pieces that can move.


3.    Work accidents

3.1   Report any accident or incident immediately, before leaving theworksiteso it can beenteredin theinjuryregister.

3.2   Participate in the company temporary assignment process.

3.3   At the request of the employer, submit to various medical examinations as may be required under the provisions of the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases (AIAOD).

4.    Policy on alcohol and drugs

4.1    Do not consume alcohol or drugs during work hours and at any time in the forest or on board any vehicle or machinery belonging to the business or usedfor business purposes.4.2    Do not report to work ifyour abilities are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

4.3    Do not perform his tasks if your abilities are impaired by alcohol or drugs.


5.    Disciplinary measures

5.1    Disobeying one or more of these rules will result in the application of disciplinary measures.

5.2    The nature of the sanction will depend on the severity of the misconduct.

  • First offense: verbal warning
  • Second offense: Written warning with loss of safety bonus
  • Third offense: temporary suspension (1 to 5 days)
  • Fourth offense: dismissal


6.    Commitment

6.1   I have read the company’s internal rules and I undertake to comply with it.

6.2    I have read the company’s prevention program and safety procedures and I undertake to comply with them.