Site preparation

For site preparation we have 6 TTS-hydraulic trenchers and a scarification rake (that we call a shark). To date, this equipment has helped us to perform quality site preparation on a large variety of sites.

Especially in recent years, we have participated in the development of new technologies for site preparation by using a different type of working tool on sites that were heavily disturbed by forest fires. These efforts were rewarded by the organization Forêt Québec, which added the scarification rake (shark) to the list of admissible site preparation tools as a new kind of sylvicultural treatment.

This new tool has demonstrated its effectiveness in treating burned sites with a high volume of forest residue. In addition, conclusive tests were carried out in some untapped, poorly regenerated burned stands that presented a high level of difficulty for site preparation.

GPS readings and mapping

In 1999 we tested, in collaboration with FERIC (forest engineering research centre), a new type of GPS installed on the skidder. The principle is to record all of the machines movements using the global positioning system.  Once the data is downloaded and processed, it provides a highly accurate picture of areas treated. This new method of reading an area provides many advantages over other methods of measurement, allowing us to:

  • Reduce GPS measurement costs
  • Specify the treated areas indicating the direction of the grooves and the space between them.
  • Access the collected data easily and transmit it to clients.
  • Calculate a recovery percentage for the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Convinced of the usefulness of these new devices for measuring areas, the business has acquired 5 units and has offered this service to its clients since 2000.

Furthermore, we have 6 Garmin model 276C GPS devices that allow us to measure the areas twice (providing a back up) and to post the geo-referenced data for client requirements so it facilitates proper treatment for priority productions.